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But, riding a bike in traffic during commute hours is dangerous.

Actually, arterial roads are the safest place to ride. For maximum safety, take your rightful place in traffic and obey all traffic laws. Ride predictably, and don't ride too close to the curb or near enough to parked cars to get "doored." With advance planning, you can find a route that avoids heavy traffic and other potential hazards.

Find tips and information in our bicycle safety section.

But, biking will make my commute take even longer.

Most commutes will take longer by bicycle although some people have found it actually cuts down on their transit time. Within a city, cycling is much faster than any other mode of transportation, so driving to the edge of the downtown core and jumping on your bike from there is an option. If it does take longer, consider that the time you spend on your bicycle is probably more relaxing and rewarding.

Our article on why you should be cyclocommuting talks about how fast it is.

But, I don't own a road bike and my commute is already expensive.

You may need to make an initial investment, but even if you buy a new road bike and equipment, it should pay off in lower commute costs in no time. It's best to purchase your commuting road bike from a bicycle dealer who will fit the bike to you and provide follow-up adjustments and repair. Some dealers carry used bikes, and really expensive road bikes can be found used for dirt cheap nowadays.

Read about What Your Commuting Bike Should Look Like. (It shouldn't look like a mountain bike unless you work as a wildlife ecologist.)

But, my clothes will be wrinkled when I get to work.

On a short, relatively flat ride, you may arrive in good shape and can wear your clothes to work without making them sweaty or wrinkly. For longer rides, you'll find that racks, bike bags and panniers are great for carrying a change of clothes to work wrinkle-free. You can also leave your work clothes at the office, or take the bus when you have special meetings that require dress attire.
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