BicycleSource Newsletter

1.   Cyclist on proper side of road runs stop sign9.3C
2.   Motorist turning left hits cyclist head-on7.6A
3.   Motorist restarting from stop sign hits wrong-way cyclist6.8T
4.   Cyclist turns left in front of overtaking car6.1T
5.   Cyclist hit on light change5.9A
6.   Motorist turns right4.8A
7.   Cyclist exits residential driveway4.3C
8.   Motorist restarts from stop sign4.2A
9.   Cyclist exits commercial driveway3.9T
10.   Cyclist on sidewalk turns to exit driveway3.0C
11.   Wrong-way cyclist runs stop sign2.6T
12.   Wrong-way cyclist hit head-on2.6T
13.   Motorist exits commercial driveway, hits cyclist on sidewalk2.4C
14.   Uncontrolled intersection collision2.2T
15.   Motorist exits commercial driveway2.1T
16.   Cyclist runs red light2.1T
17.   Cyclist turns left from curb lane, hits opposing car2.1T
18.   Motorist turns right on red, hits wrong-way cyclist1.9T
19.   Motorist overtaking does not see cyclist1.9T
20.   Motorist exiting commercial driveway hits wrong-way cyclist1.5T
21.   Motorist turning right hits wrong-way cyclist1.5T
22.   Motorist overtaking too closely1.4A
23.   Cyclist swerves left1.3C
24.   Wrong-way cyclist swerves right1.3C
25.   Miscellaneous1.3
26.   Motorist turning left, hits cyclist on sidewalk from opposite direction1.2C
27.   Cyclist hits slower car1.1A

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